Arch. DI
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architect, photographer
born 1950 in Salzburg


University of Technology Graz: civil engineer (not finished)
University of Technology Graz: architecture (1991)

professional experience

since 1969 practical experience at construction sites (Soravia, Polensky & Zöllner, Stettin)
1974-82 engineer at Geoconsult, Salzburg
1982-84 employee at Institut für Umweltforschung, Graz
1985-89 assistant at Institut für Städtebau, TU Graz
1992 employee at architect Giselbrecht, Graz
1992-96 assistant at Institut für Hochbau für Architekten, TU Graz
seit 1991 CEO Arch. DI Peter Eder
2003-2008 lecturer at Institut für Städtebau, TU Graz

current field of work

object planning, urban planning, 
technical and tourist infrastructure
archticture-photography and graphics

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