Regional Development

Habitation, working, learning, recreation and their functional and structural connections are increasingly crossing municipal borders. Therefore the inter-communal cooperation becomes more and more important.
At the same time the complexity of the environment, government/policy actions and the need for control is increasing - no matter if in municipal areas, suburban sprawl or migration-endangered rural areas. offers creative answers, elaborated together with our clients and supported by a set of European Union Programmes like European Territorial Cooperation (ETZ), URBAN or LEADER:  

  • regional development programmes and concepts
  • development programmes for small environs
  • municipal cooperation
  • planning, advice on subsidies and evaluation of European Union Programmes

Selected References

    • Regional Development Styria 2007 - 2013
    • Regional Development Programmes Styria
    • Regional Development Plan Welser Land
    • Regional Development Plan Weinviertel Ost
    • Small Environs Development Concept Southern Weinviertel, Traisen-/Gölsental, Wolkersdorf
    • Small Environs Frame Concept Kleines Erlauftal
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